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Despite declining foreign tourism to the United States, domestic travel is expected to grow this year.

And with so much geographical diversity and cultural variety, so many fantastic museums, and some of the best food and drink, the U. is still one of the best places in the world to live and travel.

It would only take you five minutes to walk across the entire town, but those five minutes have plenty of art galleries, cafés, inns, and restaurants to explore, including Chef Justin Cogley’s Aubergine.

You’ll take much longer than five minutes just walking down, though, as the architecture is beautiful in this tiny town known to have numberless houses.

Both golfing and swimming are popular endeavors here, but the town also has cute little cafés and stores for you to peruse.

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What began as a bustling mining town in Arizona’s Mule Mountains is now a quaint town of artists and old architectural styles.The small-town, Southern feel of this area makes for a lovely escape from the metropolitan lifestyle of cities like Pensacola, Florida, and Mobile, Alabama — both of which are only a short drive away.Located on the harbor between the Sisters mountain range and the Gulf of Alaska, Sitka is one of Alaska’s hidden gems.I need somebody to compensate for that and give me what I deserve!It’s easy to get lost in the mundane tasks of our day-to-day-lives, forgetting to step back and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us — whether you find yourself in a charming village with a rich history and character, a bustling and up-and-coming city, or in one of the country’s smallest towns, there’s beauty everywhere you look if you’re willing to see it.

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