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Since Uday is not good at communication with women, he takes the help of Venky and seeks his advice.

Based on her preferences, Venky gives some suggestions to Uday at a bowling alley.

Via Bluetooth, Venky helps Uday converse eloquently with Prabha.

The conversation of Uday and Prabha ends with a decision to meet at PM at a hotel the next Friday for dinner.

Kalyani Koduri composed the soundtrack and the background score for the film while Venkat C.

Dileep and Kiran Ganti provided the cinematography and editing for the film.

Uday also offers him a job as a news reader in UB TV if he obeys the former's orders.

Venky obliges and visits a temple next morning where he is scheduled to meet Sirisha.

She wants to meet Venky and propose to him as she grew to cherish their relationship over the past few years.After Venky narrates his story, both Venky and Uday say good bye to each other and part for the night.Next morning, Uday and Sirisha meet and all attempts by Uday to impress her fail.The plan is to portray him as a wastrel and Uday as a good friend, so that Sirisha accepts Uday.Venky is forced to act as per the plan under the threat that he will be dismissed from his job and his career will be ruined if he fails to do so.

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