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I admit that I should have used different language around the "doggy Valium" to denote that it was my last option. Canis: I have the clippers in the first link, so it's not that I'm trying to do the job with human toenail clippers.

I think she just hates the feeling of the SNAP of the clippers. What you're dealing with here can be broken down into two parts: changing your dog's reaction to having her nails clipped, and then training her to remain still while the clipping occurs.

My dog is probably a good 40-45 pounds, so I don't know if the hangman thing would work. She'd need at least 2 people to do the holding, also. I wonder if she'd let me try and file down her nails? we give our dog a motion sickness pill, and it knocks her out for car rides.If I try and hold her down, she starts yelping like I've chopped her legs off.I've clipped them before, and might have nipped her down to the pink, which is why she won't let me near her with the clippers any more. For those vets/vets-to-be out there, would it be reasonable to request some "doggy Valium" to calm her down so that I can get this done?Ok, how about this: No animal likes the whole nail trimming process at first.You have to do it regularly for them to even get used to the idea.

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