Scorpio dating scorpio sign

This Scorpio will probably fall in passionate love at first sight, because they believe someone is gorgeous and sexy or they think someone drives them wild.Not only will Scorpio sign/Libra be sexually attracted right away, they get emotionally attached, right away.Scorpio can ascertain where the Achilles heel is in anyone.Scorpio/Scorpios are driven and they go to extremes.Double Scorpios are not going to cooperate once they have made up their minds.Scorpio/Scorpio will be aggressive about what they want, if someone is standing in their way that person will end up hurt.

Above all, this Scorpio sign needs to take care in choosing sexual partners.

When they do have relationships, whatever happens in those relationships, (beneficial or detrimental), affects Scorpio/Libra's life immensely.

If someone is considering a romance or a love affair with a Scorpio/Libra rising, they don't have to worry about Scorpio/Libra's commitment. Well, that will depend on what Sign is in the Sun position.

Don't look for this aggressiveness to come forth in a pushy, volatile way. A Scorpio/Scorpio is highly sensitive and their emotions can be hyper-intense. They aren't afraid of anyone confronting them at all.

When they finally detonate after steaming up about something, they feel a great release. Scorpio/Scorpio always has something driving them... There is always something they are thinking or wanting, something that is driving them to do what they do or say what they say.

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