Schizophrenia dating updating child labor regulations 21st century

In all honesty I bet you wouldn't be jumping up and down to date me either. My college love/obsession had schizophrenia and was an alcoholic.

Years later, I married a different dual diagnosed addict. I work in an ER where I come into contact with people having schizophrenic crises/episodes and it's scary as shit.

Only once has he ever attempted to hurt me during these (choking) but he snapped out of it quickly, and it has never happened again.

I've already had friends with untreated mental illnesses and I can't be their free, 24/7 therapist anymore. I'm currently in a relationship, but further down the line if I'm single and am happy and healthy, I could possibly date someone with schizophrenia. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it possible to pass it to your kids?I have an in-law who has schizophrenia, and while I love her deeply, her constant desire to treat her disease in 'natural' ways while avoiding actual treatment makes her extremely unstable and thus not a good partner. If you're not, then it's not healthy or safe for either of us, so no. My best friend had a schizophrenic episode a few years ago and it was absolutely horrible, but she got through it.As long as you are dedicated to treating yourself, I don't see how mental illness is any different than a physical illness.I have a good with something like schizophrenia and unfortunately the medicine that stops her from having delusional and self destructive thoughts/actions also stops her from acting like...a person, really.So basically you have two options with her- psychotic depressive or numb.

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