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The Satanic Temple is a relatively new organization, officially founded in 2014 by Lucien Greaves and Malcolm Jarry, and though it has chapters all over the world, it’s headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts (for obvious reasons).The Los Angeles chapter formed in January of 2016, and has over 50 people who identify as members and regularly attend events.

And so a film made by a non-religious filmmaker may very well be a religious film, or even a Religious film; a Religious filmmaker may also make an ultimately non-religious film, or a film that gives answers derived from quite another belief system.The occult imagery riles some people up, and sometimes, when they get riled up, they expose something important: that they only believe in freedom of religion when it’s their Kellogg, a 26-year-old history teacher and musician, became involved with the Temple after donating to the campaign to build a Baphomet statue in Oklahoma as a protest against a statue of The 10 Commandments appearing outside a federal building.She said she used to be more vehemently anti-religion, but has since learned to appreciate it: "Religion has undoubtedly given us a lot of bad throughout history, but it’s also given us amazing art, architecture, music, poetry, literature, human communities based off shared moral values, and altruistic worldview as a way of life.” When it comes to the Dark Lord, Kellogg said that he means something different to each member.I think our chapter beautifully reflects the ethnic kaleidoscope of Los Angeles.” as a teenager.(In that film Regan was actually possessed by the demon Pazuzu, but I digress.) That said, while The Satanic Temple may be a strange bedfellow for the City of Angels, it fights hard for women’s, LGBTQ, and free-speech rights, all of which are passion points here.

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