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Not that fun (hint: in summer, wake up early and start climbing as soon as you wake up).This time, I made sure to start climbing at a saner time.The initial section of 38 (above Bryant) has a minimal shoulder: The grade is, for the most part, extremely steady and relatively shallow. For all of California: For the San Francisco Bay Area: With this many entire mile at 13.9% (! Somehow, I actually also convinced my mom to attempt it as well.While I love steep climbs, it is also nice to be able to shift up a few gears and power on at more than 6 mph at times! She is an avid cyclist, but stats like these give her pause.In fact, Mendocino County has the most acreage of certified organic vineyards in the country.See what it’s all about at Frey Vineyards, America’s first maker of certified biodynamic wines—they even say they are vegan and gluten-free.

This last trip, I took a long weekend and enjoyed some fun cycling, hiking and camping.Pleasants Valley is a pleasant, scenic road: If you start in Mentone, those are the stats. You can also cut off a few miles of somewhat boring climbing and start at the intersection of 38 (Mill Creek Rd) and Bryant.If you do this, you will miss almost 900 feet of shallow climbing.Mix Canyon Stats from John Summerson’s Climbing (By Bike) In California book for Mix Canyon: Needless to say, Mix Canyon, by the stats, is an epic climb. Anyway, I started out at Alamo Creek Park Park in Vacaville.From here, I headed north on Alamo Dr, quickly turned left on Foothill Dr, then turned right right on Pleasants Valley Rd.

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