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Without verification, independent escorts and hobbyists are risking personal safety and well being when they meet.Verification promotes respect and accountability by leveling the playing field in establishing ground rules by which escorts and hobbyists abide.All in all, P411 is a decent verification service with a clean looking website and interesting concept with ‘okays’ as references.The technical support is efficient and always online.Unfortunately, we do not accept references for two reasons: 1) References are not a reliable method of verification because identity of the person can never be verified via a reference check.

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Complete the submission form as thoroughly as possible containing details about your university.

However, the service in general has three issues that account for us not accepting the service.

While the website login is simple, it is also vulnerable to hacking, allowing theft of login information by someone who can then use that information to schedule a meeting.

Plus, their screening method does not feature an option to verify a member’s legal name.

We require a member’s legal name to be verified in order to qualify to meet any of our club members.

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