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Their relationship hits a breaking point when Sabrina promises to help her manager Josh study on the night of Harvey's big football game.Sabrina tells Dreama to page her when and if Harvey ever gets in the game (since he is always on the bench) but Dreama keeps beeping her with false alarms, eventually causing Sabrina to turn the beeper off.He also makes a close friendship with Valerie, a new girl with whom Sabrina is also close friends.By the end of the season, Sabrina is stuck between choosing Harvey or Dashiell and can't decide.

In the season finale, Sabrina is trapped by a troll named Roland and the only way to save her is to get her prince to defeat Roland.

He was the victim of many of Sabrina's spells when they went awry, until he discovered her secret and became a reliable ally and confidant of the Spellman family.

Harvey also develops an almost brotherly relationship with Salem Saberhagen; Salem having called Harvey his "best friend" before they had even been able to speak to each other.

Unfortunately, she does so when Harvey finally gets to play, scoring a touchdown for Westbridge.

Though Dreama tries to transform herself into Sabrina, her spell fails, and Harvey asks her where Sabrina is and Dreama tells him she went home because she was sick.

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