Rules dating your best friends brother

If you cannot resist starting some romance in the workplace or in the classroom, stick with your equals.

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Her favorite books are basically anything involving fantasy fiction, especially the Harry Potter series and “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” by Susanna Clarke.

OFF-LIMITS: Best Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend SAFE: One of your best friend’s past hook-ups We can start with an easy one first.

Probably the most infamous unwritten rule of hooking up, everyone knows that a best friend’s ex-boyfriend is off-limits.

Just clarify with your best friend first about whether or not she has had a secret crush on him ever since he squirted ketchup in her eye at her brother’s third grade birthday party.

OFF-LIMITS: Ex-Boyfriend’s Brother SAFE: Ex-boyfriend’s friend I have a friend who is familiar with the consequences of hooking up with a family member of an ex-boyfriend, and it’s not pretty.

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