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The plan to build a stadium for the Paw Sox in Pawtucket is gaining momentum in the State House.

Now he says he's on board--provided the house fixes wh...The HFEA, following a recent court case, is relaxing its licensing rules on clinics that were limiting multiple birth via IVF. for older women) is now set to be a wholly medical one. The point is, this admittedly small Israeli study suggests low stress levels can help implantation. Preparing for your embryo transfer isn’t just about following your treatment protocol and chilling out.If your clinic doesn’t have a salaried clown to hand, tell your partner to start rehearsing his Ricky Gervais routines. IVF clinics never tell you anything about looking after yourself. Ditch the caffeine (both of you), don’t touch alcohol, take moderate exercise and (female patients only) consider acupuncture on your embryo transfer day: it may just make a difference.Someone who won’t touch the fundus and cause uterine contractions (okay, that really would be negligent). Consider asking your doctor to do a mock transfer before the real thing. a cervical growth) and reveal if an alternative catheter should be used. No, we can’t pronounce them either, but they’re not nice. The pesky fluid can leak into the uterus, meddle with your womb lining and cause havoc with the embryos you just transferred.Someone who’ll follow the ultrasound images like a hawk. A research fellow (not the consultant we’d requested) did our embryo transfer at a UK clinic. A hydrosalpinx is fluid in one or both fallopian tubes, often associated with a previous sexually-transmitted disease or endometriosis. It’s sensible to have ultrasound testing and/or a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) well in advance of your treatment. This may seem obvious, but don’t trust clinics that skimp on essential pre-treatment tests.

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