Relative dating accurate

Bishop James Ussher, a 17th-century Irish cleric, for example, calculated that creation occurred in 4004 B. There were many other such estimates, but they invariably resulted in an Earth only a few thousand years old.

Composed of layers of sediments laid down by colonies of cyanobacteria, stromatolites still exist, but are quite rare today.

This date marks the end of the Cenozoic Era and the Pleistocene Period on the geologic time scale.

Paleontologists consider materials younger than 10,000 years ago “recent”.

Within three weeks, there will be nothing left but a few small bones." A fossil normally preserves only a portion of an organism, usually that portion that was partially mineralized during life, such as bones and teeth.

Trace fossils are the marks left by a living organism, such as feces, footprints or impressions of feathers or leaves.

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