Rejected dating gay dating eharmony

Here's a snapshot of what my love life has been like for the past few months.

In December, a guy I went to high school with started messaging me on Facebook.

The key is to do it without malice, to be respectful of other people for who they are, and to not hold it against someone for not wanting you.

Now, regarding the whole "love" thing: People fall in love with those who have love for themselves.

The West Coast was a little far to pursue anything serious, but I was just so happy to feel excited about someone else to get my mind off the ghoster.

Everyone gets rejected, whether you are HIV-positive, too short, not short enough, too quiet, too loud, a slob, a clean freak, too attached to your mom, not attached enough, whatever. You most likely have voided a relationship for a reason as shallow as an HIV status before, and you will most likely do it again.When his plane landed, he said he was too tired to get together but asked if we could reschedule.I wrote back to let him knew when I was free and then…crickets.As a reluctant HIV-positive activist, I am often bombarded with the secret misgivings of closeted HIV-positive men from across the country.No matter how much or how little they know about HIV or how short or how long they have been living with the virus, there seems to be only one singular concern on their mind: They are afraid of being rejected by a potential love interest because of their HIV status. Someone is going to shut you down before they get to know you because you are living with HIV.

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