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You be aware that it order to implement a front controller you have to write some special code: This strikes me as extra work which delivers nothing, so I see no point in using it.

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Note that it provides a classic example of tight coupling which should be avoided. Take a look at Why getter and setter methods are evil.

In my method I do not need to know the internal representation of a field - a string, a date, an integer, a float, et cetera - as everything goes in and out as a string.

Everything in the $_POST array is a string, and everything I put into the XML file is a string.

A Front Controller may be used by some people to solve their particular problems, but as far as I am concerned it is not the only solution and it is certainly not the best solution, especially when I don't have those problems in the first place: As I can achieve all the commonality and reusability I desire without using a Front Controller I consider its use to be superfluous, redundant, unnecessary and a complete waste of time.

I am not the only one who shares this opinion - take a look at the following: After working with PHP for a short while I noticed that data coming from the client arrives in the format of an associative array (refer to $_POST and $_GET).

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