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Kristy Swanson is a pretty poor choice for the lead in that she has a hard time carrying the film (she replaced Alyssa Milano), but she’s backed up by a great supporting cast.Here, Buffy just seems to walk around and kill a vampire on occasion.Haunted, she feels relief when her sister arrives, but things only spiral out of control when Pierce becomes increasingly more violent.Suddenly both women find themselves trapped in a house that preys on their greatest fears.As the police gather evidence about the murderer, they realize that the haunting of Munger Road may be connected to the terrible past, that the missing teenagers could be in grave danger, and that the worst horrors may be yet to come In To have and to hold, Christy faces the decision of a lifetime when Reverend Grantland finally proposes.Meanwhile, Lundy Taylor is discovered living under the schoolhouse, hiding from his abusive father.When the sawmill owner's debt gets too big, a large corporation threatens to shut down the mill.

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When The Legends find a new Time Aberration they learn they must travel to the winter of 1776 to protect George Washington and the American Revolutionary War.Judgement day: Criticism of a new phone line at the mission and a life threatening injury to Miss Alice cause Christy to undertake a heroic journey to change the mission director's mind Following her grandmother's last wish, Karen reluctantly travels to a remote, run-down mansion to sell the family estate where she grew up.She soon realizes that she's not alone at the property.Secret story: Christy and her class are lost in a cave where they discover a hidden river running red and other secrets involving the O'Teales, a family long scorne for crimes their ancestors were rumored to have committed Green apples: When scarlet fever sweeps through Cutter Gap many suspect that newcomer Daniel Scott is the source of the raging disease and he is looked upon with scorn and distrust even when he offers to care for quarantined schoolchildren.The hostage: When a mountain man unfairly blames Dr.

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