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They tied my feet, my shoulders and my arms and they left me in my seat.'I was completely humiliated, my human rights had been taken away from me.

'He repeatedly refused, verbally abused crew members and disturbed other customers.

In a major embarrassment for the airline, the African country's leader criticised 'the quality of the planes and the service'.

He even accused BA of 'taking us a little for granted'.

He then tried to move into business class, where he says he was 'ambushed' by six members of staff who tied him up by his hands and feet before allegedly dragging him back to his seat in economy.'I was just trying to get some room to stretch my leg,' he told Mail Online. They refused to listen about my medical illness and what I was going through.

I was treated like a slave.'Fellow passenger Joy Stoney, a businesswoman from Yorkshire, was thrown off the flight alongside the retired Jamaican man and abandoned on the Portuguese island of Terceira after trying to help him.

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