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Price: .79 | Surround Sound: 7.1 virtual Why we picked it: Affordability and product durability make this headphone a winner – and frankly, it’s great to see a lighter, more comfortable headset that still sounds so good.Third parties are typically the companies who wow us with their high-end headphones, but here we see Sony pushing to the top by showing they know exactly how to make the best headset for Play Station users.If you haven't attended the Expo before, you will learn how to prevent and reverse heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity and much more.

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The earcups are quite comfortable and eschew the “pleather” look that’s so popular, which I find refreshing.

Not only is this headset comfortable to wear and more durable than many high-end headphones, but the price is one of the best around at well under 0, making it far more affordable for the average family than competitors.

Price: 9.98 | Surround Sound: 7.1 virtual Why we picked it: Replaceable earbups and Xbox chat compatibility bring this headset to the top.

Price: 6.15 | Surround Sound: 7.1 with add-on Why we picked it: It’s the best frequency response, reported as the lightest and provides ample bass.

It’s no surprise that this is an incredibly competitive field with a lot of great options, but ultimately I’m giving this one to the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PC headset.

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