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The couple’s mixture of science and romance is epitomized by the fact that the blue wedding dress Marie married Pierre in functioned as her lab coat thereafter.

Alice B Tolkas met Stein on the very first day she arrived in Paris from America, and the two shacked up more or less immediately.

The full extent of their love affair is, as was seemingly everything in Ancient Rome, too convoluted to explain without several charts, a stack of character cards, and a laser pointer. Antony married someone else for political reasons, Cleo got wind of this while pregnant by Antony but forgave him.

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After many years of being generally ignored by critics and publishers (despite her knack for guiding other writers to fame) with the 1933 publication of her book ‘The Autobiography of Alice B. Morrissey once famously warbled “to die by your side, well the pleasure, the privilege is mine”.Cleo heard this and killed herself too, via cobra bite.And you think century Paris: the seminal love story.Nonetheless, even after they divorced, Napoleon insisted that Josephine retain the title of Empress of France, saying "It is my will that she retain the rank and title of empress, and especially that she never doubt my sentiments, and that she ever hold me as her best and dearest friend." N’aww.Before he bestowed his name upon the popular piercing, Prince Albert was married to Queen Victoria for 21 years.

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