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One point can be awarded for every vote you award the model you feel has best grooming and enthusiasm.

5) Industry (Cybersocket Web Awards, The Prowler Awards, The Grabbys, The Xbiz Awards) award achieved during 2016 to present. The new time frame will be January 1, 2016 to the present day. The next thing will tackle is cleaning up the list and removing the non-working models and make sure your favorites are included: watch this blog! There were models who had stopped working that made the list.

One point for every scene released 3) Number of posts on the major gay blogs – 1 point each: the question that will roll-over is in addition to The Sword, which blogs to include 4) The ink/tat/shaving are subjective.

While not without merit, there is no universal standard – what works for one model doesn’t work for another. We can, however, put up a semi-final list in terms of a poll that would encompass those factors.

The result is a model that looks beyond just Twitter followings and awards, and attempts to rank the current, active crop of gay porn models in a way that hasn’t been attempted before, taking into account longevity, productivity, and overall attention and respect. You’ll find a couple of ties, and some surprises, and a couple of guys named Brent up at the top.

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yeah) im gained a bit) just when i started my model career i was 18 years old and now im body change always) i think its not the end, and i will change again..) good if u find me more sexy in this weight) thank u☺can u satisfy a little curiosity?

While the importance of social media in building and communicating with directly with their fans can’t be disputed, The Sword commentator brought up an important consideration: some bona fide stars are on “sites that either do not allow social media or discourages it,” such as Sean Cody or Chaos Men.

Perhaps a way to bridge that would be to award a single point for a point for each social media account in addition to Twitter and IG (like Facebook, a You Tube channel) to not punish those that are restricted and only reward those that go above and beyond.

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