Privacy rights and dating after divorce

Here are some hints and suggestions to put you on the right track.

Read your separation agreement (if any) and your divorce judgment carefully.

You can use this letter as a checklist to help ensure nothing gets accidentally overlooked.

According to your judgment, you may need to complete certain tasks and transactions by a specific date.

And now you have the challenge of As with most divorce-related matters, this is going to seem like a formidable challenge indeed.

But take heart: if you can maintain a positive attitude, and get some good advice and information, you can tie up all the loose ends and get on with creating a satisfying new life for yourself.

Ask your lawyer to put this list in writing so there's no confusion or wasted effort later on.After you receive your divorce judgment, do exactly what it requires you to do.This point cannot be made too strongly: if you fail to live up to your legal obligations, you're in for another round of bitterness and acrimony -- and maybe even another court battle.Conversely, if your spouse keeps the house, assumes the mortgage, and then defaults on the loan, the lender can come after you for payment -- despite what your judgment says.So if your ex is keeping property that you used to own together, and you haven't finalized your agreement yet, consider adding a "hold harmless" provision to your agreement; this will give you the right to sue your ex for any money you have to pay to cover his or her default.

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