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Reset all the Lumetri Color panel selections for a shot with a single click.Auto-duck Music The volume of music can be set to automatically lower when dialogue, sound effects', FGCOLOR, '#FFFFE1');" onmouseout="return nd();" style='cursor:pointer;font-size: 9px;border:1px solid #3c79ae;border-radius:5px;padding-left:2px;background-color:#3c79ae;padding-right:2px;color:#fff;'Adobe Premiere Pro software is a nonlinear video editing application.Intuitive browser for Motion Graphics templates A better browsing and managing experience lets you universally search and preview Motion Graphics templates from your local templates folder, Creative Cloud Libraries, or Adobe Stock right in the Essential Graphics panel to quickly find the template you need.

Toggle animation for graphics layers in the Essential Graphics panel Animate more quickly with the ability to toggle on animation for Position, Rotation, Anchor Point, Scale, and Opacity by clicking their icons in the Essential Graphics panel and then adjusting the property in the panel or by editing the graphic layer directly in the Program Monitor.Video Limiter Limit your video content to meet broadcast specifications, incl. Use as a per shot effect while working with Lumetri Color, or add as an output effect to limit the entire sequence when exporting.Copy and paste Sequence markers Copy and paste full fidelity Sequence markers when moving one or multiple clips, while preserving all marker information such as color, notes, duration, etc.Replace clip for Motion Graphics templates To replace a template in a timeline with an updated version from After Effects, simply hold Alt/Option , and drag and drop the new replacement template onto an existing one.You can choose to have the template updated everywhere it was used in a project or limit to one instance.

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