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By the end of our time together you’ll be more confident, powerful and happier, qualities which will display themselves in all areas of your life, not just dating.

In my teenage years and early twenties I always wanted that feeling of being supremely self-confident in all situations, but I struggled with shyness, never knowing what to say, feeling as though I couldn’t just relax and be myself, and generally feeling awkward in social situations. I missed out on life, turned down social events, and stayed at home all to avoid having to interact with people.

Life is full of opportunities which require self-confidence.

Getting that promotion, getting that second date, asking the person of your dreams out, presenting your ideas at work. Let me help you make more connections, bring more potential partners into your life, and increase the number of successful dates you go on.

I differ from the majority of dating coaches because I attack from three angles: Mindset, Language and Logistics.

I believe you won’t find someone amazing until you truly love yourself.

He helped to first rebuild my self-esteem, secondly how to interact with women; third how to deal with the fear of rejection and finally, how to forget the past and to focus on your future and all opportunities available. My confidence has improved, which has helped me with women and work alike.

Within 4 sessions Ed helped me meet and date a woman who has now asked me to travel around Europe with her The time I have spent with you has had a massive impact on my personal and professional life.

Save new experiences for when he is comfortable around you.Focus on a familiar setting that makes him comfortable, such as dinner at a local restaurant. Throughout the date, find reasons to return to that genuine smile, but don't plaster on an insincere grin.The goal is to get your shy date to return the smile. Ask your partner questions about his hobbies and interests.The biggest area that suffered was my love life – it was non-existent!One day I decided I needed to change, and so began a decade of self-development, of taking control, and transforming myself from being the person who always wanted to blend into the background to the guy who loves going out and meeting new people.

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