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That was up from 1,390 in 1991, when they accounted for only 6.1 per cent of the overall unions.

In 2014, only 62,305 babies were born in Hong Kong, compared to 86,751 births in 1981.

More information See the The Recommendation advises Member States how to reinforce their tax treaties against abuse by aggressive tax planners, in an EU-law compliant way.

It covers the introduction of general anti-abuse rules in tax treaties and the revision of the definition of permanent establishment. The External Strategy presents a stronger and more coherent EU approach to working with third countries on tax good governance matters.

Rise in cross-border relationships The search for a special someone is a time-consuming one – or so it seems in Hong Kong, where couples are tying the knot later in their lives, or not getting married at all.

The gender imbalance has lead to a social trend known as “leftover women”, a term Mary used to mocked herself and other women in their early 30s and beyond who cannot find love.

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    On 16 September 1992, interest rates went up from 10 per cent to12 per cent - and the Tory government said they would go up again to 15 per cent the next day.