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- You can edit the keywords for linking the composer, producer, conductor,...

tags with discogs - New Option: Check 'Save Image' Checkbox only if release have no image - New Option: Choose another field for saving Style - included Discogs Images: you can choose more than one image for an album Instructions for adding more than one image : When you start tagging an album look at the left side.

// include the class in your theme or plugin include_once 'WPAlchemy/Meta Box.php'; // include css to help style our custom meta boxes add_action( 'init', 'my_metabox_styles' ); function my_metabox_styles() $custom_metabox = new WPAlchemy_Meta Box(array ( 'id' = if you are embedding wpalchemy in a custom wordpress plugin.

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Clicking "All Versions of this Release" link will load master release and bring all versions of that release.The script display the primary albumart for the release (Front-Cover).Choosing one of the two checkboxes (Large / Small) store this image.You have to do the following steps in order to use the discogs tagger furthermore : 1.Create an account at discogs if you don't have one. After starting the script you'll see a page to authorize the script to use your account 3.

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