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Although the workhouse system in Britain became the most well developed of any in the world, a number of other countries had workhouses or other institutions providing care and relief for the poor and destitute.

Establishments existed in other European countries such as Holland which had three large workhouses (at Amsterdam, Nieuwe Pekela and Middleburgh) and Belgium which had five (La Cambré, Bruges, Hoogstraeten, Mons and Reickheim).

Dates reported in the press included "planned", "due", arrived and departed.

However, the general movements of DURBAN can be followed in outline.

Start of the General Strike when the Cantonese (the Southern Nationalists) captured Shanghai.

It was at this time that the six-year old Pu Yi was forced to abdicate - the subject of the 1987 film, "The Last Emperor".

Although the Koumintang won a majority in parliament, Kuan wanted to be more than a figurehead, outlawed Sun and his party and dismissed parliament.

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