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As currenly the tools used for modelling are not completely adapted for Skyrim, there are some steps that require some manual adjustments.

This will surely change in the future months and this tutorial will be updated when required.

This step is exactly the same as the one explained here: Import into Blender all parts of the 0body.

NIF file rather than the file it currently has open.Follow the explanation given here: Cut parts of the body hidden by the armour.Next step is to export the armour from Blender in the nif file format.Most of the process is the same than the one explained in the tutorial about creating an armour or outfit from scratch, the main difference is that you won't have to create the mesh (but you may probably have to adapt it to the new body), the textures or the UV maps.The process explained here will work also for porting into Skyrim armours or outfits made for other games.

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