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Indeed, the similarities between the fictional Mrs Robinson, who seduces a youthful Dustin Hoffman in the classic Sixties film The Graduate, and the real Mrs Robinson - Iris Robinson, MP, wife of Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter - have become embarrassingly apparent over the past few, revelation-filled days.Excruciating details about sex, adultery, a 'toyboy lover' and the whiff of corruption threaten to destroy, if they haven't already done so, one of the most glamorous - and powerful - couples in British politics.'It went back to the whispering campaigns of previous governments to discredit us,' she said in an interview with one newspaper. 'It's just ridiculous, but you learn to let it wash over you.' Controversy, in one way or another, has always attached itself to the Robinsons.

Their party - the DUP - was once led by the Reverend Ian Paisley and is made up of staunch God-fearing Ulster protestants: adherence to family values is the bedrock of their faith. Well, BBC Ulster's Spotlight programme was about to expose the scandal.Perhaps Mr Robinson hoped that the documentary would be pulled on the grounds that humiliating his wife - who says she is still receiving psychiatric treatment for mental illness - with further disclosures might tip her over the edge. 'I worked in the butcher's since I was nine and I always seen [sic] her coming in and out,' he said.'I knew her from a very early age through the butcher's and my dad.Inside, a small group of political journalists and TV crews were given a statement from 60-year-old moral crusader Mrs Robinson.The mother of his three children, and an evangelical Christian, was admitting - in black and white - to a 'brief affair' 18 months ago before being overwhelmed by 'guilt' and attempting 'to take my own life'.

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