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By using Facebook’s products and services, you agree to our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities ( and acknowledge that you have read and understand our Data Use Policy ( and information about how we use cookies and similar technologies (https:// The new update can't be supported by a windows phone 😐 Great. The difference between platforms is ridiculous, the app is lacking the headers feature, nicknames and little emoji's such as gif keyboard which seems to be what has boosted messangers popularity on android and i OS .Worked fine, but has just recently informed me that it will no longer work unless I update the app. Have to say it at least sends messages which is good but I can't hide my disappointment for FB leaving Windows Phone out the loop as it affects soo many people.Very badly made,good for "brief" messaging,but overall 1 star. If you rarely turn off your PC/close this application I recommend restarting messenger once every couple of days as will use up more and more system memory if left (probably due to a memory leak somewhere).-Pressing the camera button makes the app crash -No video/phone call option -Have to reset the app to be able to send new photos from the gallery -Loading messages bugs -No option for sending multiple photos -Photos of people do not update when their profiles do -No log out option I am waiting "patiently" for these and a lot more improvements,if i wanted the worst chat program id be still chatting from the mobile website. You may need to do this more often depending how often you change conversations.Otherwise works fine Tragically crippled typical facebook product.There is no calling option, which i might not need but my friends are trying to call me and i got only short message that call failed. Now Alexa and company are moving rapidly into the business world, and being integrated -- with mixed results -- with AI and other systems to carry out business tasks. IBM's Cloud Private for Data is the latest spin on the age-old idea of turnkey system, but architected and updated for the architecture of the private cloud.

Turns out you drag the image (with your mouse - if you aren't on a tablet) up or down the screen - and can the drop it back where it was in the chat. Recently came back to Windows Phone and I have to say.. Why on Earth would I want yet another app to open and close constantly? Also missing the functionality of pasting from clipboard (screengrabs and such) which works on the website. All you need is a Pro/Ultimate product key from an older version of Windows.It addresses a need for organizations wishing the flexibility of the cloud whose policies otherwise rule out use of public clouds.

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