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A member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives said his proposed legislation will adapt the Adam Walsh Act to prevent retroactive application of the law and still require sex offenders to continue registration as sex offenders to the Pennsylvania State Police. My husbands attorney stated when they approve this he will be placed back to the civil regulatory Megans Law 3, named differently.

His charge for failure would be dropped because he would not be legally bound to SORNA requirements and he would not of violation its crime code.

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But really, there's nothing wrong with having sex buddies.

Therefore he would be registered under a similar old law because all prior Megans Laws were deemed punishment.

They were still civil regulartory and for public safety!

When that site outgrew its software and imploded beyond hope of repair, she tried again with a mixed paid/free model, but problems with her credit card biller proved insurmountable.

Her sites limped along nonetheless until fairly recently, but with recent changes in US law aimed at censoring sex workers off the internet, just about all the free dating sites have had to go dark, including hers.

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