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It would seem, therefore, that Lachenal’s probably started to produce Anglos only after the 1862 Exhibition, 27 where ‘German concertinas’ had been exhibited by John Simpson, 28 and Rock Chidley had probably also shown ‘German Fingering Concertinas’, as we know that he was already manufacturing them.29 It is probably no coincidence, then, that the first sale of an ‘Anglo German’ in the Wheatstone ledgers does not occur until 14th July 1863, 30 and though the sales of Anglos are usually recorded without serial number (sometimes not even the name of the purchaser), an entry on 16th December 1864 names one as ‘Anderson’, who bought six Duets for £3.3.0, three Anglos (Nos.Harroden on 13th October 1856 for the wholesale price of £67.4.0 (=£5.12.0 each), while Louis Lachenal’s price lists show that the surviving Lachenal 8488 was only a £3.3.0 model.

10,041 of 8th August 1844 13 (for a term of fourteen years), would have expired.Lachenal’s 1859-1862 advertisements in the annual MDRA are double-page price lists (see Fig. They list English-system trebles with 22, 24, 32, 40 and 48 keys, 48-key baritones, and 24-key Duets.However, by the time we reach the price list published in the Catalogue of the (May) 1862 Exhibition (see Fig.1733 - 1790 Argylls.) ; (mother of four Dukes -- what is the record?Posted 01 January 2005 Concertinas of a new—and revolutionary—‘mass produced’ model, 2 manufactured for C. by Louis Lachenal, started to be sold in, or shortly after, April 1848.

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