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Ashley is just barely big enough to change her own diaper, but she still needs to be supervised.

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She keeps squeezing her thighs together and groping at the thick padding under her onesie. She takes her time rubbing and pressing on all the layers.Trainer Ashley has 8 gym badges under her belt, but potty training is still a work in progress.She tapes on a thick Little Paws diaper and packs her backpack with everything a little big baby girl could need for an adventure. His playpen and blocks are lots of fun, but when it's time for a change he needs Mommy's help.Winnie teaches Lolette how to suck on things, and she has to do it to Winnies satisfaction if she wants a diaper change.Trainer Ashley is a pokemon master -- the very wettest! She shows off her gym badges, her favorite pokemon, and of course a very think ABU 'Little Paws' diaper before stripping off her shirt and sexy black bra to show you something a little more personal in the ball pit, hehe.

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