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Shane instantly shot the criminal dead, and then tells Leon to call an ambulance.

Shane held Rick in his arms, begging him not to die.

During the second season, Shane devolved from a good friend and caring person into a cold, cunning and murderous antagonist having completely shed his concepts of guilt, remorse, and moral correctness in favor of survival for himself and those he cares about by any means, such as murdering his own allies, going against the beliefs of the group, and betraying his former best-friend; leading to his eventual demise.

Later on Shane alongside Rick went to college together for police administration were the two eventually became employed local deputies of the King County Sheriff's Department with Rick assigned as his partner. During his incursions with Lori, he developed a strong obsession with her; and was never able to get his head around the fact that Lori left him for Rick, who was thought to be dead when he and Lori had their sexual encounters. During the first season, Shane acted as the leader to the Atlanta group survivors, a position he clearly enjoyed and carried out strongly until Rick's arrival, and then became the second-in-command through out the rest of the first and second seasons, much to his apparent dismay.Shane also served as a gun instructor, teaching several young kids how to shoot.He was very close to Rick's family and helped them out on numerous occasions such as repairing the Grimes' family basement sink after Rick had previously broken it.

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