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Maximizing return from your inventory and stock can make a massive difference to your ability to move forward after liquidation. Services then should be: Overstock, Bankruptcy, Store Closings, Returns and Damages, and Financing.

We can help finance your liquidation to get you through the process with less hassle and more money left over.

What if you could liquidate your entire inventory all at once? We will buy, pack and ship all your stock No company wants stock left over when they close a store. It also has to be sent somewhere to be stored or displayed, which also costs money. We buy and ship all your leftover SELLinventory makes selling your inventory at closeout simple and stress-free. It’s also a hassle to receive and manage, taking away your time from more important jobs.

Don’t let your remaining stock at closeout hold your company back from moving forward. At SELLinventory we offer tailor made solutions to manage returned and damaged stock.

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We can buy your merchandise, and move it discretely within a targeted area to ensure that your items don’t cause you headaches any longer! We can save your investment, and bring you high recovery for items you are otherwise asked to destroy.

You might even end up stuck with a lot of merchandise after a cancelled order.

Not only does overstock cost you money, but it also fills your physical space with a visual problem.

Have you invested in a product overseas only to receive a Cease & Desist once it arrived here in the states? Maybe you’re a 3PL who has a warehousemen’s lien on product because you have not been paid…

With one call we can convert your loss into cash, clear out the space, and rid you of a problematic vendor.

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