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But coming here some 30 years later in late 2014, we wondered if much has changed.

Gays in Sri Lanka are pretty much regarded as criminals, like gays in India or gays in the Maldives.

Once I witnessed an assault by a group of three tuk tuk drivers in Colombo victimising a transgender. Even in the UK this is a common problem amongst some Asian communities.

But, however open-minded Sirisena’s government is, change will not happen over night.

He has asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal from family and his work, so we will refer to him just as – “Kaluu” (it means black in Sinhalese, his nickname because he has darker skin than your average Sri Lankan).

Sri Lankans do not possess positive attitudes towards homosexuality.

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A significant cultural change is needed before anything can happen, not to mention a repeal of the old colonial laws, which pretty much label us as criminals!

Despite the politics, I must clearly state that the majority religion in Sri Lanka (Buddhism) holds no negative attitudes towards homosexuality, despite some of our political leaders trying to use our religions as a means to justify a homophobic culture.

Exposing my sexual identity could affect my job, embarrass my family and could even be life threatening.

My friends have faced such bitter experience for being “out”, particularly in rural areas.

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