Katherine bailess dating

Get Nothing like an ex-wife to show up unannounced and wreak havoc!Pete Davenport is about to find that out firsthand on Hit The Floor when his soon-to-be ex, Lionel, arrives at Devils Arena looking for him The divorce papers haven’t been signed yet VH1 is about to own your summer nights.Kat also recurred on Fox’s The Loop, Sordid Lives the Series and guest starred on NCIS.

Read More View Photo Gallery We go hard for the cast of Hit The Floor.Bailess starred in the 2003 film From Justin to Kelly, playing the role of Alexa, and Universal’s Bring It On Again playing the role of Colleen Lipman.Her TV credits include recurring roles on the popular WB shows Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill.She co-produced the film Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale.Bailess was also featured on the soundtrack for From Justin to Kelly on the tracks "The Luv' (The Bounce)", "Wish Upon a Star", "That's the Way I Like It", and "Brighter Star".

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