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Not only does it show a complete lack of class, it also means that whatever food is being put down in front of you has had something unspeakable done to it in the journey from the kitchen to your table.

Lunch for most of us is spent at our desks, not playing footsie in a five star restaurant and knocking back champagne cocktails.

Walking through Covent Garden I had sufficient time and hunger for a proper lunch.

But in the mall of shiny food chains my appetite palled. Faceless corporations churning out supposedly authentic cuisine. The recent financial crash in mid-price restaurant groups, such as Jamie’s Italian, is attributed to over-expansion, fading consumer confidence and, natch, Brexit. The ersatz folk artwork, the faux classic dishes, each brand detail focus-grouped to death. Years ago, Patisserie Valerie was a single lovely Soho café run by an elderly French woman.

I actually find it attractive when a man eats with it's hands (unless it's soup or a Thai Green Curry), just make sure he washes them before he unhooks your bra.

Never date anyone who tucks their napkin into their shirt like it's a bib, it will make you want to rub their back and burp them and never, ever date anyone who is rude to a waiter or waitress.

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