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It’s on the left and on the right, liberals and conservatives, politicians and entertainers, from Hollywood to Minneapolis to D. Piper also overlooked the spate of female teachers who have been arrested for molesting male students.

Sexual abuse, by its very nature, is about the exertion and the assertion of power.He yearns for the old days when men felt they should be protective of the *weaker vessel.* John Piper is taking advantage of his name recognition within a subset of Christendom who believe that when he speaks, it is the gospel truth. If people were to accept John Piper’s theory at face value, they would believe that following strict complementarian roles within the church would prevent sex abuse. Note the long hair and dresses for the girls as one example. They did the entire John Piper shtick and still ended up with a bunch of kids who were molested. For example, I believe that Andy Savage should have received psychiatric intervention after his assault of Woodson. The Christian Post quoted from a blog called The Sinnergists.He gets to say stuff like this and not one bright man or woman within the complementation crowd says ‘Hey-prove it. ” Could the recent rise in reports about sex abuse be due to a society which is now more willing to listen to women, men, teens and kids who have been abused? They were homeschooled and kept far away from any movies, television and books that might hint at anything other than complementarian values. Josh molested his own sisters and went on to view porn and join Ashley Madison. I had not heard of them before this but found their website so intriguing that I plan to follow them regularly. We first began discussing the idea of teaming up on a project like this because we were frustrated by the way the Young, Restless, and Reformed Movement seemed to have cornered the online theology market and we wanted to show folks that there are other, and, in our opinion, better options.As experts have long noted, sexual abuse is not about lust or desire or even sex; it is about power and it is about control.a person who sexually abuses another has, by their own actions, demonstrated that they are not actually egalitarian because, as stated above, true egalitarianism is inherently and fundamentally incompatible with sexual abuse.This brings me back to my concern that John Piper’s views, if adopted by a church, would lead some to believe that to *cure sex abuse* one merely needs to make sure women and women and men are men. It has nothing to do with gender roles and everything to do with some form of psychiatric disorders which causes the molester to exert power and control over another. John Piper needs to do some serious study on the matter before he starts spouting his *thesis.* A thesis should be supported by facts. A thesis statement is the single, specific claim that your essay supports.

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