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Couric, whose husband died of colon cancer in 1998, had her own colonoscopy famously televised back in 2000, and she asked Kimmel two years ago if she could join him during his first procedure.When Kimmel turned 50 this year, he made good on his promise.In 2013, he hosted his own Comedy Central series, The Jeselnik Offensive, for two seasons and released his second album, Caligula, which doubles as an hour-long standup special.On July 22, 2015, Jeselnik replaced JB Smoove as the new host of NBC's Emmy Award-nominated series Last Comic Standing.His original dream was to write the great American novel, but an internship in Los Angeles between his junior and senior years of college convinced him there were other avenues for a writer.In his early twenties, Jeselnik moved to Los Angeles and was working at a Borders when he first tried standup.While Kimmel seems less than excited by the prospect of having a doctor stick a camera up his anus, Couric repeatedly insisted he had nothing to worry about.Couric has become devoted to normalizing colonoscopies, explaining that colon cancer can be very easy to treat if caught early.

Recent research indicates to be safe, however, people should start getting them done at 45.

” A year later, that phrase was rewritten for the now-classic disco smash “Le Freak”.

-əl-nik; born December 22, 1978) is an American comedian, writer, actor, and producer.

Apparently, on the 1977 opening night of the infamous venue, Nile Rodgers of Chic, couldn’t get entrance.

Pissed off, he went home and wrote a hook that went, “Ahhhhh, fuck off!

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