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If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity, please apply by clicking here!Since 1866, families have entrusted us with the important responsibility of making their loved ones happier and healthier.Of course, when the Sephardic Jews were expelled from Spain by the Catholics in the fifteenth century or when Ashkenaz Jews had to flee their homes, some went to Rome.In 1555 the Pope issued a decree that forced all Jews to live in a ghetto next to the Tiber River.We believe so strongly in improving the quality of life of Jewish and non-Jewish seniors that we operate our own dedicated research institute for research and innovation in senior care practices.Located near Philadelphia, but nationally recognized, this institute develops new methodologies, processes and technologies to provide better care to those in need.

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Jewish Europe doesn't endorse the Kashrut of the establishments listed on the website.Only during the brief time that the citizens of Rome tried to set up a government separate from the Pope and when Napoleon conquered, were the Jews freed.When Italy was unified in 1870 the Ghetto was finally demolished.Not only were Jews restricted to this area and excluded from most jobs.Every Shabbat they had to go to a nearby Catholic church to hear a priest preach conversion at them.

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