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Jasmine was so turned on by all of the great feedback that she received, that she agreed to do a dare.I went back reading old posts and dares to get ideas.My wife started slipping off her robe, but he made a bee line to the other room without looking.He started out with Jasmine on her back massaging her arms. He worked his way toward her armpits and I could tell that he was nervous by the stupid small talk.We discussed ideas on how to make this more than just a massage without being too obvious.I thought that maybe she could start undressing as he was still setting up.

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I looked down and saw that her nipple was now exposed and both of his hands were around her tit.

Jasmine loves massages and has never had one from a man before.

In fact, I am the only man to see her completely naked, not even a male doctor! We finally found one that was not creepy looking and booked an appointment for him to come to the house.

It was such a turn on to see a total stranger having his way with my innocent Jasmines huge breasts. He was obviously enjoying it too because he spent 45 minutes just on her tits!

He finally moved on to her legs and Jasmine covered her chest back up.

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