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Since the marriage, Smith has transferred to the Kansas City Chiefs and the pair have two sons together. 49er feud, Barry and Smith have ultimately had a very drama-free marriage and life together.Barry moved with Smith to Kansas City when he was transferred and helps Smith through the most troublesome times, including when his best friend, Andre Dabagghian took his own life.She was ecstatic, but the onlookers wondered what the heck was going on! Former Raiderette Elizabeth Barry married football player Alex Smith in 2009 while he was quarterback for the Oakland Raiders’ longtime enemy the San Francisco 49ers.The couple met while they were both in the Bay Area and were able to put aside their team’s rivalry.

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However, in 2011, the Bills were to play against the Cowboys in Dallas.

In addition, you actually have to ask the coach for permission to change any part of your physical appearance.

To top it all off, a professional cheerleader is typically prohibited, or at least “discouraged”, from fraternizing/creating any type of romantic relation with any member of the team she is cheering for, including players, management and coaches.

Thompson resolutely denies any link to the cheerleader stating, he is NOT DATING the “graffiti chick,” and that she is a friend of a friend … Thompson’s reps claim the two’s first-time meeting was that very day.

He was apparently cool with a few girls tagging his property, since it was going to be renovated soon.

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