Is viggo mortensen dating ariadna gil

The stand-out achievements have been those with Cronenberg, especially A History Of Violence, and Eastern Promises, the latter earning him an Oscar nomination. "In some ways he's a different kind of person entirely than Lisandro, but they're similar in that they ask lots of questions, but don't give answers.

I think it's great for an artist to do that, it's respectful of the audience; it can be annoying and frustrating, but it gives you something to chew on." An accomplished poet, painter and photographer, he also owns his own publishing company, Percevel Press.

This time he brought some of the things from that Viennese world that Freud inhabited. I was never overwhelmed, because there was a real lightness and easiness to it.

And he wrote those letters you see in the film, painstakingly, like Freud did. Viggo is a very independent soul, and a very gentle one." And, it appears, a bit of a wag.

"It's usually much easier to help others see the proverbial creative forest for the trees, than it is to edit oneself," he laughs.

Do his agents ever despair at his choices, want him to make bigger films? I prefer to be in stories that I want to go and see myself and that I'd feel proud of.

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Before playing a Russian gangster in David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises, the actor spent time with various shady types in the Urals, and discovered the secret language of tattooing in the Russian underworld that would significantly influence the story.And then I glance down and notice his multi-coloured socks. The mate isn't so surprising, given that the actor grew up in Argentina, retains strong connections with the country - with a passion for his childhood soccer team, San Lorenzo - and that we're here to talk about the second film he's made there, Jauja.Directed by the maverick Argentine director Lisandro Alonso, whose minimalist masterpieces have earned him an ardent following, Jauja is near-impossible to categorise.To play William Burroughs in On The Road, he arrived on set in New Orleans with his own pistol and shoulder holster, and first editions of books that Burroughs himself would have read.And to play the 19th-century Danish soldier in his new film, Jauja, he went shopping in Copenhagen.

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