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This is the third Olympic medal for the pair from London, Ontario.

A woman carts out her groceries from a Loblaws grocery store in Toronto in a May 1, 2014, file photo.

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He arranged a tryout in May of with Iliushechkina in Detroit, because she had a U. Right away, off the ice, they were doing complicated lifts. More than that, Moscovitch is financing the whole enterprise himself.

They both cancelled their flights home and stayed, training in Detroit without a coach, until Iliushechkina got a Canadian visa to enter the country. Then they had to deal with whether or not Russia would release Iliushechkina to skate for Canada. Iliushechkina has no funding and in fact, lived in France for nine months with no funding.

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Or Dylan Moscovitch, who found himself pushing 30 and suddenly without a world-calibre partner, after Kirsten Moore-Towers decided to leave the duo for a two-quadrennial future?They made their senior international debut at the International Cup of Nice, winning gold.They have won two gold medals on the Grand Prix series.Immediately after her promising partnership with Nodari Maisuradze had dissolved, she had tried to hook up with Yannick Kocon and skate for France. She is still not eligible for any Canadian government carding yet, either. Getting minimum scores would allow them to compete at the Four Continents Championships and world championships later this season.But Russia would not release her and the team never competed internationally. Both of their programs, choreographed by David Wilson, tell their story.

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