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'Therefore any operations undertaken against Northern Ireland would be militarily unsound.' The memo also highlighted low morale in the Irish Army, saying that although there might be a surge of pride in assisting those in trouble in the North, 'a motivation programme aimed at indoctrinating our troops' might be necessary.

Planners also realised the invading infantry faced being surrounded by British forces, and would need to dig in for a protracted defence.

It seemed, however, that doubts about their ability to wage such a campaign won the day, and the proposals were abandoned.

Mr Clonan, who will present a documentary about the plan on Irish television this Tuesday, said it could have created chaos.

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Ireland plotted to send special forces to attack BBC studios in Belfast as part of plans to invade Northern Ireland, it emerged yesterday.

She has lived in Derry, London and Los Angeles in recent years.

Yet Nadine Coyle's muddled accent left viewers so confused they were forced to turn on the subtitles during Wednesday's episode of ITV's Lorraine. #Lorraine'; 'Still as flipping annoying as when they first started hurting my ears #lorraine''#Lorraine. SUBF***INGTITLES.'; 'Subtitles for Nadine please #Lorraine'. Nadine did delight some fans, however, who posted: 'Christ alive Nadine Coyle still looks 23 #Lorraine #Girls Aloud4eva'; 'Ah @Nadine Coyle Now you babe #Lorraine'.

'It is an absurdity to think that a puny military force like the Irish Army could in any form take on the British Army,' he said.

For such a small country, the Island of Ireland has more than its fair share of Must-See Attractions, from picturesque landscapes to history and culture laden cities, towns and villages.

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