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So having a cup of coffee/tea/milk with meals help inhibit iron absorbsption. The doctors even ordered an angiogram for me, and came back with no blockages. When his children were checked, two of three were diagnosed as Homozygous( C282Y, C282Y) and the third was Heterozygous.

His wife, who is all Irish, is carrying the single C282Y mutation.

Any one out there who only has one Mutation , please have your iron levels checked frequently.

Thu, March 31, 2011 @ PM I had been having abdominal pain for several months.My liver enzymes were high for 6-7 years, but doctors said it was from having a fatty liver.After having joint pain , primary ordered iron test and ferritin was around 900.It was really helpful for me especially to know the help inhibiting iron absorption include phenolic compounds, , eggs, calcium. I am a C282Y Heterozygote, (One Mutation only) and I suffered for about ten months before they found out it was HH.Polyphenols are phenolic compounds, including chlorogenic acid, found in cocoa, coffee, and some teas and herbs. Something that totally surprised me if you like cereals just check out the iron content in a few of the boxes. Abdominal pain, high liver enzymes, excessive urination, and chest pains.

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