Interracial sex hook up chat

(user submitted) "I have been with my boyfriend for three years, we are scheduled to get married early September.

Honestly, I really dont know where to begin, first of all I do love and care for my boyfriend!

Well a few weeks ago, I got a call from one of my past boyfriends, he was black.

We dated off and on, but nothing really came of it.

I knew it wasnt right, but I agreed to have one last drink and then TOLD him I needed to get home to walk my dog! Well we get to his nice hotel, he orders me a shot of Vodka and a glass of red wine. I was still wet in my panties from him looking good in that tight fitted shirt! Then he kept going further with the loud talking, "I bet that white boy doesnt slam that pussy like I use too, you know black dicks feel the best in white pussy, right"!

"I was some what offended that he would just say it out loud in a crowded bar like that, but I was buzzed and horny"!

Im not one of these girls who gets drunk at a bar and goes home with every guy who hits on me!

My boyfriend and I have been saving our money for the last two years so we can have the best wedding day ceremony!

I told me make it quick, because I had to get home! "Whats the problem baby, you really think you are going to be faithful to that white boy"??Well to make a long story short, I met Eric for lunch, he was looking dam good, rock hard abs, nice skin tight shirt, well groomed as usual!I was like dam, I didnt expect him to look so good, he must have lost 30 pounds since I last saw him.I tried to cut him off and tell him I needed to get home to avoid any conversation of after drink hook ups!But, Eric kept insisting we have one more drink at his hotel bar, downstairs in the lobby. I was shocked, he just said it out loud at the bar, I know the bartender heard him!!!

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