Hepitis c dating voddie baucham book on dating

Giving someone HCV is and always will be the least of my worries. I drove my longtime partner nuts until they tested.Distancing yourself from this "awesome" woman seems harsh. I think they were more relieved not to hear about it anymore. Don't Worry Be Happy : ) if you are in a monogamous relationship then the risk of your spouse or lover becoming HCV positive is about 1 in 1000 to 1 in 10,000. I did read a Japanese study that followed several hundred monogamous couples (with one member positive and supposedly zero other risk factors) for (can't recall the study length) and they found a '1% per year transmitting rate'.Talking these things through with each other is the basis for a strong relationship. Distancing yourself is a slap in the face, I would've thought. It is unlikely that she got hep.c through intercourse with her ex but it does *not* mean she was using drugs either.It is possible to get it from a dentist who has not properly sterilized equipment, tattoos, piercings a transfusion..through blood contact with contaminated instruments.Things started getting a little deeper and like you, we have not been sexually active.

I'm treating my virus now and really don't feel that I'm in any shape to date, but, I do hope to have a long-term relationship again. wants TO BE ABLE TO make a commitment to love and to share everything without reservation... That would be the only issue with dating someone with Hepatitis C.

High risk  sharing injecting drug equipment (fits, etc)  having a blood transfusion with infected blood or blood product before 1990  unsafe tattooing or body piercing procedures  unsafe health care procedures involving blood, including  mass immunisation programs with contaminated needles  medical/dental procedures with contaminated equipment  acupuncture with contaminated needles Low risk  needlestick, sharps or blood accidents in the health care setting  mother to baby during pregnancy or at birth  sharing razors, toothbrushes, tweezers, etc Very low risk (rare)  sexual activity. Again not to sound repetitious, I contacted hep-c through a blood transfusion. I can't imagine being out in the dating world and having to go through this because of what others think.

I have had it for 38 years, married and gave birth to our second child. Being diagnosed was the hardest thing I had ever gone through. I have been pretty open about having this virus and no one has specifically asked me how I got it. And here you are, asking questions, and trying to find out about Hepatitis C. As you learn more, you will understand that dating someone with hep C, could be just fine.

I feel safer now, now that I understand Hep C and not only how you can get it but why someone would get it. If you love her or care about her, then be a man and support her.

I am sure that she is going through some **** with all of this, the last thing she would be needing is her man judging her and condemning her.

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