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Throughout While we ponder the above actors (also included: Kate Beckinsale, Thandie Newton and Kate Winslet) it must be said that Craig - who has reportedly turned down a two-film deal worth £68 million - is officially yet to make a decision on his Bond future.

If rumours are to be believed, it's Hiddleston's for the taking should Craig depart the role.

The singer I play has a lot of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna in her; and some of the costumes I perform in are very Miley Cyrus,’ Gugu told me at a party hosted by Vanity Fair and Fiat at a very cool bar off Hollywood Boulevard called No Vacancy.

Gugu, Oxford-born and raised, spent several weeks working with Gaga and Katy Perry’s choreographer Laurieann Gibson.

Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw are all lined up.

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After Ash is killed in a car accident, Martha learns of a technology that can imitate a deceased person based on their online history.‘There’s no move I can’t do now,’ she joked, as she sipped a Grey Goose vodka cocktail. ‘Minnie’s a single mum from Brixton who moves to Los Angeles,’ Gugu explained.The film’s about their relationship, set against a backdrop of dreams and reality in the pop world.With their blend of action, emotion and deadpan delivery honed, Bond wouldn't be too much of a leftfield step.Similarly, Olivia Colman proved her action chops in recent BBC series alongside probable Bond candidate Hiddleston; if her character Angela Burr can run a covert operation while pregnant, Colman can be Bond. A strange notion but a series shake-up in the form of promoting Miss Moneypenny actor Naomie Harris to 007 status would prove pioneering.

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