Great one year dating anniversary gifts

When it comes to choosing anniversary gifts for men, it's all about knowing when to push the boundaries and when to rein it in. The great thing about this template is that you can include two photos if you wish or use the frame at the bottom for a quote. While you might give him a hard time for the sheer number of hobbies he's involved in, you respect his adrenalin addiction. Print his top four extreme (or not so extreme) sports and activities onto a wall display. Create a canvas collage featuring the best of the best highlights of that one special European adventure or create a collage series featuring all the amazing trips you've taken together. Show him how much you care that he's in your life and that of your new family together. But they deserve something a bit extra special back, don't you think? A simple collage print like this is a wonderful opportunity to honour your best friend. Printing onto acrylic glass adds a touch of class and is perfect for photos that are bright, light and with plenty of colour. Once you build one, you will want to build more and more. As well as this 'Love' themed collage template there's also a travel collage template that says 'Live. Watch his eyes light up when he receives this gorgeous gift, just for him.

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Often it can be easy to get carried away with the hustle and bustle of everyday life that you forget to honour the things that you love most. It could be somewhere nearby or a place you visited together and yearn to return to. There are few things that will stop a man in his tracks than the love for his children.

With Timeless Message, your sweetheart gets a beautifully sculpted bottle with your personal message of love from you, along with a symbolic metal key to your heart.

These are ideal first year anniversary paper gifts for men, as these bottles come in all shapes and styles for everyone’s taste. Merely hand it to him, and he can pull out a note from you.

Zoom in as close as possible to a metal object or collection of objects and shoot away. This split-image monochrome rose canvas oozes masculinity.

If you can't find a black or grey rose picture, transform a colour photo into greyscale with the click of a button.

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