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We both were previously married and we have found our soul mates.

The holiday season can be a mixed bag for single people.

There are a number of school-boy errors that people make when writing a profile. ’ says far more to me about your joie de vivre than ‘I love life’ and is an easy lead for a question – ‘That sounds fun! Yes, of course, it’s flattering when somebody messages you but a little self-confidence please. I want to get a little understanding about the person behind the picture, some detail that sets you apart from the crowd and that makes me want to know more.

Your profile is your chance to sell yourself to the world. ‘I love life’ A classic mistake that people make when writing a profile is to throw in overused clichés that we’ve all read a million times before. ‘Walks on the beach’ ‘red wine and a good film.’ Yuck. And what’s a person supposed to reply to ‘I love life’? and shocked that anyone would be interested in you. Avoid bad spelling & grammar, winks, smiley faces, capital letters and exclamation marks at all costs.

Girls don’t want just a normal kind of guy, they want someone fun and different!

Likewise reeling off a list of adjectives is totally pointless.

Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Slate, and Salon.

Gratitude is a vital attitude in marriage, a positive indicator that a husband and wife find their relationship satisfying, according to a new study of couples married an average of some 20 years.

Despite recognising that a good profile picture is of paramount importance when online dating, I also believe that a well-written profile is of equal importance. Selling yourself in a paragraph is undoubtedly a difficult thing to do but there are basic rules a person can follow if they want to stand out from the crowd and ensure a response from their fellow daters. What’s the alternative – looking forward to your own funeral? ‘Thank you for looking at my profile’ doesn’t say that you are polite it says you are a little bit needy, desperate or grateful …

Craig left the comment and continued back to in-state profiles when I messaged him back about the comment. We now are planning to live up there and get married soon.

All this because of an “accidental” change over to out of state profiles, which Craig never looked at. Thanks to your site, we both are the happiest we’ve ever been in our lives.

Although it’s a festive time of year with lots of opportunities to meet other single people, it also can be a stark reminder that you’re unattached. Family dinners are full of relatives with questions about your single status.

And you might want to bring a date to one of those parties.

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